hu Ennek a szerkesztőnek magyar az anyanyelve.
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Hi, I'm Cserlajos from the Hungarian Wikipedia. Although I don't speak Komi, I registered to design a new Main Page.

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Well, funny. But I've created some articles! Like:



Some grammarПравить

Some suffixesПравить

  • -ин -> ban/ben "in" (If the word ends in a consonant, -ын) [Европаын - in Europe]
  • -лис -> tól/től "from" (?)
  • -ъяс -> k "-s" (plural)
  • -лöн -> nak/nek a(z) ('s (genitivus)) (?)
  • -са -> -i (of) (?)

Some verbsПравить

  • тайö - probably "is" (?)

So 2 supposed sentencesПравить

Венгрия (венг. Magyarország) тайö республика Европаын. Венгриялöн юркар тайö Будапешт (венг. Budapest). – Hungary is a republic in Europe. Hungary's capital is Budapest.