Hello! I'm the user Starlight, and I come from Italy. In it.wiki I'm the user Brisckerly My town is Offanengo, in the Cremona Province.

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kv-0 Тайӧ вӧлысь оз гӧгӧрво комиӧн (либӧ муртса гӧгӧрвоыштӧ).

This user can't speak komi language. This language is like russian, but more difficult. Some people speaks this language, but... are not so much! This user is: it-M, en-4, es-2, de-1, fr-1 and ru-1. But komi language... 0! Cтapлигьт - Moя cтpaницa oбсуждения


On kv.wiki, my contributions are new pages (N) and contributions (C). They are: